Design development.

Redshift is a creative digital team based in Adelaide, South Australia. The team has experience spanning over 30 years within the industry of design and digital media; but we don't really think that counts for much.

Trends change, coding standards update, and sometimes applying old methods of thought aren't always the best way to get the best outcome. We're not hesitant to try something different. We'd rather push the boundaries of convention and lead by initiative.

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Yeah, screw conventionalism. — You, after reading that paragraph

Who we are



Aside from managing the day-to-day, Harley is the lead developer behind all work that goes out of Redshift. If you need to discuss platform integrations, responsive visibility, or whether your crazy idea will work - that's your guy.


Illustrator, Designer

Dan is a designer and illustrator, who enjoys going a little further than the ‘obvious’ answer when looking for graphic design solutions.
Dan takes the time to explore all possibilities in creative development before moving on to the finished artwork.



Josh considers himself a minimalist designer, perpetually opposed to unnecessary clutter, with a keen eye for professionalism and excellence. He's a 'can we just move that a millimeter down' kind of guy, and has no shame in admitting his competitiveness.



When it comes to content management, migration work, or even the faciliation of translation work, Elle is the go-to. She has a sometimes-irritating eye for detail and refuses to pass anything that doesn't meet her high standards.

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